Table 1: Patient sociodemographics and health status characteristics.

Total ( = 400)


Marital status
Tribal affiliations
Education Level
 Primary level22155.3
 Secondary level13132.8
 College/degree level236.5
Area of residence
Source of income
 Formal employment379.3
 Large scale farming41.0
 Small scale farming338.3
 Odd jobs19849.5
Income in the past 1 month
 Less than Ksh 1,99917744.3
 Between Ksh 2,000–4,99911228.0
 Between Ksh 5,000–10,9997017.5
 Between Ksh 11,000–20,999266.5
 Between Ksh 21,000–30,999112.8
 Ksh 31,000 and above41.0
Mobile phone

Health status

Perception of general health status
 Extremely poor71.8
 Extremely good7619.0
CD4 cell count
 201 and more24361.3
 200 and less7719.3
 Do not know7819.5
Missed HIV clinic appointments in the past 12 months
 Three times and more215.3
Missed cART medication in the past 1 week
  Three times and more 215.3