Research Article

HIV-Associated Central Nervous System Disease in Patients Admitted at the Douala General Hospital between 2004 and 2009: A Retrospective Study

Table 3

Prevalence of the different aetiologies of CNS disease and the median CD4 cell count of 300 HIV positive patients.

Diagnosis Prevalence95% Confidence intervalMedian CD4 (IQR)

Toxoplasma encephalitis9732.327.1–37.768 (43–103)
Cryptococcal meningitis7525.020.0–29.923 (10–61)
Diffused encephalitis5719.014.5–23.599 (49–204)
Tuberculous meningitis 5418.013.6–22.416 (10–34)
AIDS dementia complex82.70.8–4.515 (11–20)
Bacterial meningitis51.70.2–3.18 (8–10)
PCNSL41.30–2.616 (5–116)
Total 300100/49 (17–90)