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Research Article

Feasibility and Acceptability of a Smartphone App for Daily Reports of Substance Use and Antiretroviral Therapy Adherence among HIV-Infected Adults

Table 3

Pilot study acceptability.

ItemRating scale (1 to 5)MSD

Study team support
 How helpful was the training you received about the smartphone system?Not at all helpful–very helpful 4.640.76
 My questions were answered in a timely manner by the research team.Strongly disagree–strongly agree4.680.69
Overall reactions
 Completing the daily reports interfered with my daily activities.Strongly agree–strongly disagree3.881.45
 We’d like to know how long it took you to do the daily report. Was itToo long–too short2.000.41
 How easy or difficult was it to use the smartphone system to do reports?Very difficult–very easy 4.600.76
 How satisfied were you with the overall reporting system?Very dissatisfied–very satisfied4.560.71
Reporting concerns
 How concerned were you about privacy when completing your reports?Not at all concerned–extremely concerned1.681.49
 How concerned were you about confidentiality with your reports?Not at all concerned–extremely concerned2.001.58
Willingness to participate in future studies
 How likely would you participate in a similar daily report experience in the future?Very unlikely–very likely4.481.12
 How likely would you be to recommend this study to a friend? Very unlikely–very likely4.321.11
Reporting accuracy
 How honest were the answers you gave on the daily reports?Very dishonest–very honest4.560.77