Table 1: General characteristics of included studies that reported the prevalence and/predictors of exclusive breast feeding among HIV positive mothers (n=18).

Author/year of publicationRegion Study designStudy areaPopulationsSample size No. of outcomePrevalence (%)Quality

Maru y et al./2009 [21]Addis AbabaCross-sectionalAddis AbabaYoung infant32710030.6Low risk
Esubalew F et al./2018 [22]AmharaCross-sectionalGondar Hospital6-18 months42010725.5Low risk
Wakwoya EB et al./2016 [23]Amharacross-sectionalDebre Markos Hospital< 2 yrs.26020177.3Low risk
Girma Y et al./2014 [24]TigrayCross-sectionalMekelle Town< 2 yrs.20718790Low risk
Ejara D et al./2018 [25]OromiaCross-sectionalBishoftu towns<18 months28324285.5Low risk
Demssie DB et al./2016 [26]OromiaCross-sectional Shashemene Referral Hospital<2 yrs.14614196.6Low risk
Modjo KE et al./2015 [27]SNNPRSCross-sectionalSNNPRS Hospital<2 yrs.43621048.2Low risk
Wondie T et al./2012 [28]Addis AbabaCross-sectionalAddis Ababa<12 months1166556Low risk
Demlew MZ et al./2014 [29]Addis AbabaCross-sectionalAddis Ababa<2 yrs.35624068Low risk
Muluy D et al./2012 [30]AmharaCross-sectionalGondar health center<2 yrs.20917583.8Low risk
Bekere A et al./2014 [31]OromiaCross-sectionalWest Oromia0-6 months1188572Low risk
G/Hiwot A et al./2014 [32]TigrayCross-sectionalcentral zone<2 yrs.21919890.4Low risk
Ali Y/2015 [33]AmharaCross-sectionalWollo Zone2-11 months37327974.8Low risk
Hailu C/2005 [34]OromiaCross-sectionalJima town12 months6438613.4Low risk
Tadese F/2017 [35]AmharaCross-sectionalBahir Dar town12 months23017375.2Low risk
Mengstie A et al./2015 [36]SNNPRSCross-sectionalSNNPRS hospital<2 yrs.874956.3Low risk
Mebratu T/2014 [37]Addis AbabaCross-sectionalAddis Ababa city12 months2213013.4Low risk
Ketema Z/2016 [38]OromiaCross-sectionalAdama health facility12 months19316484.7Low risk

Note: outcome refers to the number of HIV positive mothers who exclusively breastfeed.