Table 2: Correlations of serum leptin level with various factors by simple regression analysis.

Correlation coefficient 𝑃 value

Age (years)−0.240NS
Height (m)0.162NS
Body weight (kg)0.792<.0001
Body mass index (kg/m2)0.693<.0001
Lumbar spine BMD (g/cm2)0.255NS
Whole body BMD (g/cm2)0.440.0014
Lean body mass (g)0.189NS
Total fat mass (g)0.706<.0001
Total fat percent (%)0.511<.0001
Serum BAP (U/L)−0.085NS
Serum bone Gla protein (ng/mL)−0.267NS
Urinary pyridinoline (pmol/μmol Cr)0.138NS
Urinary deoxypyridinoline (nmol/mmol Cr)0.086NS
Urinary NTX (nmol BCE/mmol Cr)−0.151NS
Radiographic grade−0.110NS

A simple linear regression analysis was used to examine correlations of serum leptin level with various factors. BMD: bone mineral density, BAP: bone-specific alkaline phosphatase, NTX: cross-linked N-terminal telopeptides of type I collagen, BCE: bone collagen equivalent, Cr: creatinine, NS: not significant.