Figure 1: Bilateral Baker cysts in an 11-year-old boy diagnosed with joint hypermobility syndrome. (a) Ultrasonography showed anechoic cysts with a volume of 5.2 mL (right knee, upper row) and 2 mL (left knee, lower row). Communication with the joint space on the right side was described in the ultrasound report, though the documented image of the assumed site of communication (arrow) is not completely conclusive. Patient information blurred. (b) Magnetic resonance imaging in the same patient (3 Tesla MAGNETOM Trio, Siemens, transversal DESS sequence) proved Baker cysts of the right (upper row) and the left (lower row) popliteal fossa in the absence of other pathologies. Both cysts extend towards the joint space, exhibit fluid signal in the vicinity of the articular capsule and were assessed as communicating cysts.