Table 2: Agreement and correlations* between values finding by PROs and physician**.

Values physician/
Values patient
SJC physician TJC physicianDAS28MD-GlobalCDAISDAI

SJC patient 0.772b0.4990.5250.5310.5630.541
TJC patient0.4290.75b0.5520.4930.6110.598
RAPID30.3720.5940.523 0.361a0.7310.706
RAPID40.4020.6250.562 0.395a0.750.726
RAPID50.530.7090.662 0.511a0.8290.851
MDHAQ 0.246d0.4910.442 0.304a0.5310.531
VAS-Global0.3960.5830.517 0.026c.e0.7540.725
VAS-Pain0.3230.5080.434 0.314a0.6320.606

Correlations were evaluated by spearman's rank correlation coefficient. except:
aCorrelation by Kendall’s Tau b test.
bAgreement by Kendall’s W test.
cAgreement by Weighted kappa.
**All data P < 0.0001, except in dP = 0.004 and eP = 0.241.
PROs: patient-reported outcomes; SJC: swollen joint count; TJC: tender joint count; DAS28: disease activity score with 28 joints; MD-Global: global assessment by visual scale analogue from physician; CDAI: clinical disease activity index; SDAI: simplified disease activity Index; RADAI: self-administered rheumatoid arthritis disease activity index; RAPID: routine assessment of patient index data; MDHAQ: multidimensional health assessment questionnaire; VAS-Pain: pain assessment by visual scale analogue; VAS-Global: global evaluated by patient in visual scale analogue.