Table 3: Summary table for outcomes of open joint debridement-3.

Study and yearDesignLevel of evidence Followup (months)Pain ΔROM ΔFunction Δ

Cohen et al., 2000 [20]Nonrandomized control studyIII18 out of 4435.50–6 Likert scale from MEPI (after 2 points)21MEPI
Oka., 2000 [21]Case
IV5059.50–3 grading scale (before 2.46 to after 0.42)24
Oka et al., 1998 [22]Case seriesIV36 (38 elbows)710–2 grading scale (before 2 to after 0.24)24
Minami et al., 1996 [23]Case seriesIV4412727 out of 44 reported good pain relief.
No measure reported
Tsuge and Mizuseki, 1994 [24]Case seriesIV28 (29 elbows)64Good pain relief.
No measure reported
34(i) JOA elbow scoring system (before 55.2 to after 84.5)
(ii) Most of the patients returned to work
Morrey., 1992 [9]Case seriesIV1533Morrey’s system (0–3 Likert scale).
(2.06 before to 0.33 after)
21Morrey’s elbow scoring system (before 51 to after 75)