Research Article

Amtolmetin: A Reappraisal of NSAID with Gastroprotection

Table 1

List of all studies considered and excluded with Jadad scores and reasons for exclusion.

Serial numberReferenceJadad scoreReason for exclusion

1Jajić et al. [4]3
2Montrone et al. [6]3
3Bianchi Porro et al. [8]3
4Niccoli et al. [9]3No significant gastrointestinal components discussed
5Lazzaroni et al. [5]2Study conducted in healthy volunteers
6Kirkova et al. [10]In vivo study
7Sostres et al. [11]Not a RCT
8Pisano et al. [7]Preclinical study
9Coruzzi et al. [12]Preclinical study
10Tubaro et al. [13]Preclinical study
11Tubaro et al. [14]Preclinical study
12Patrignani et al. [15]Not a RCT
13Li et al. [16]Preclinical study
14Rong et al. [17]Preclinical study
15Allison et al. [18]Not a RCT
16Riezzo et al. [19]Study in healthy volunteers; GI adverse effects not discussed
17Vicari et al. [20]Not a RCT, published in Italian
18Morini et al. [21]Preclinical study
19Hotha et al. [22]Preclinical study