Table 4: Comparison between PCPT and REDUCE.


SponsorSouth West Oncology GroupGalxoSmithKline
Duration7 years4 years
Risk of CaP in participantslowerhigher
No. of participants18,882 randomized
9060 included in final analysis
8122 randomized
Age≥55 years50–75 years
Entry serum PSA≤3.0 ng/mL2.5–10 ng/mL
Baseline biopsiesNoYes (6–12 cores) within 6 months prior to enrollment
Study-mandated biopsiesYear 7Years 2 and 4
Study-mandated biopsy cores≥6 (6 cores in nearly 80%)10 (83% had at least 1 biopsy)
Overall relative risk reduction in CaP versus placebo25%23%
Incidence of Gleason sum ≥7 CaP↑26% (6.4% in finasteride versus 5.1% in placebo), Same (6.7% in dutasteride versus 6.8%: in placebo)
Incidence of Gleason sum ≥8 CaP↑91% (2.1% in finasteride versus 1.1% in placebo), Same over 4 years (0.9% in dutasteride versus 0.6% in placebo); however, in years 3-4, there were 12 GS ≥8 CaP in dutasteride group (0.5%) versus 1 in placebo group (<0.1%),