Table 3: Final multivariable linear regression models for the SISTEr and TOMUS trials with outcome urge symptoms from the MESA scale.

valueEstimate** valueEstimate**

 <High school8.217.12
 High school/GED6.507.15
 >High school6.526.65
Depression (PHQ-9)*N/A0.01
 10+ depression6.91
MESA stress score<0.00010.41<0.00010.41
Age (10 years per unit)0.0010.42<0.00010.54
Pad weight (10 g per unit)0.0010.050.00070.07

Depression information was not collected in the SISTEr trial.
**For categorical covariates, least squares means are reported, and for continuous covariates, regression coefficients are reported.