Table 1: Features of reviewed cases of primary carcinoid tumours of the kidney.

CasesAgeSexPresentationSizeLateralityA/PathologyNecrosisMitosisCalcificationHaemorrhageMetastasisTreatmentF/U (mth)Outcome

Szymanski et al. [8]58FTotal painless haematuria7R+RN18NED
Rafique [9]44FFlank pain8LscantyRN60NED
Armah et al. [10]50FLow back pain9.7RHSK/MCT/PAC+PN6NED
Singh et al. [11]57MPainless haematuria8.5L+LNRN12NED
Armah and Parwani [12]35FFlank pain2RMT+PN6NED
Litwinowicz et al. [13]66MIncidental8LHSK2LNRN nrnr
Hasteh et al. [14]61FNrnrLnr0nrNrNrliver, bone, breastRN60AWD
Jain et al. [15]40Floin pain3.5L+1+RN60NED
Finley et al. [16]35FAbd pain3.2L+LNRN31NED
Korkmaz et al. [17]75MFlank pain, wt loss8.5L+4LN, liver, lung, boneRadiotherapy11DOD
Lane et al. [18]68FIncidental4.5RHSKNrNrLiverPN28DOD
Lane et al. [18]36FIncidental3.5LNrNrPN12NED
Lane et al. [18]51MIncidental8RHSKNrNrRN11NED
Lane et al. [18]43FIncidental6BNrNrLNLeft RN right PN6NED
Lane et al. [18]51MFlank pain, haematuria3.5LHSKNrNrRN74NED
Geramizadeh et al. [19]49FFever and flank pain2.5RRN3NED
Kuroda et al. [20]55FIncidental5L0-1RN2NED
Gedaly et al. [21]45FAbd pain8Rnr+liver, LNRN/hepatectomy12NED
Chiang et al. [22]46MFlank dull ache6.5Lnr+LN, liver, boneRN12AWD.
Sanjo et al. [23]38FIncidental6Rlow+RN12NED
La Rosa et al. [24]39MAbd mass & haematuria5.5RnrLNRN3AWD
Roy et al. [25]34MWt loss, epigastric discomfort9.5L1+LNRN nrnr
Bhalla et al. [26]32MAbd pain14.5RHSK+LN, thyroidNr12AWD
Rodríguez-Covarrubias et al. [27]33FLow back pain, constipationnrBHSKlowliver, lungRight RN/left PN38AWD
Ephrem et al. [28]61FAbd pain wt loss16L+nrRN/en bloc resection1NED
de Hoog et al. [29]51MLumbar back pain, sciatica3RHSK+PN12NED
Chung et al. [30]29FUrinary frequency & loin Pain8Rnrlow+RN12NED
Kubota et al. [31]63FABDOMINAL mass and fever12RnaNa+RN8NED
Kawahara et al. [32]50MIncidental2.2RscantyRN nsns

AWD: alive with disease. NED: no evidence of disease. DOD: died of disease. NS: not stated. NR: not reported. RN/PN: radical/partial nephrectomy. HSK: horseshoe kidney. MT: mature teratoma. PAC: primary adenocarcinoma. MCT: mature cystic teratoma. LN: lymph node. mitotic figures counted per 10 HPF-high power field.