Table 1: Participants’ demographic information.

Participant sibling nameParticipant sibling age and genderSibling with ASD age and genderNumber of family membersMarital status of parents

Cloe7, F (Twin)7, M3Divorced
Morris7, M6, M4Married
Hanna8, F11, F4Married
James8, M7, M10Married
Cabot10, M12, M5Married
Mitch10, M (Twin)10, M4Divorced
Breanna11, F9, M3Divorced
Jared11, M14, M4Married
RaeEllen12, F15, M5Married
Ruby14, F15, M7Married
Asia14, F13, M4Married
Mera15, M9, M6Married

Note: M: male, F: female.