Table 5: Effect sizes from linear and multiphase growth models with statistically significant outcomes.

Effect size2
Difference at Time 3Difference at Time 2Difference at Time 3

MBRS Directive Scale Score−0.642−1.379−0.356
CSBS Caregiver Questionnaire Total Standard Score12.022NANA
MSEL Receptive Language Score10.8760.7040.678
SEQ Hyperresponsiveness Scale Mean Score11.4410.4701.194
SEQ Hyporesponsiveness Scale Mean Score−1.187−1.684−0.877
Vineland Expressive Communication -scale Score0.7010.9400.376
Vineland Receptive Communication -scale Score0.9721.5140.650
Vineland Socialization Standard Score1.9681.8521.708

Linear model provided better fit than multi-phase.
2Effect sizes: low (<0.30), medium (0.30–0.60), and high >0.60 (Cohen, 1988 [21]).
Bold font indicates effects that were statistically significant.