Advances in Virology / 2011 / Article / Fig 2

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Requirements for Human Respiratory Syncytial Virus Glycoproteins in Assembly and Egress from Infected Cells

Figure 2

Effect of the deletion of individual glycoprotein genes on colocalization of the HRSV nucleocapsid protein with each glycoprotein at the plasma membrane. (a) A diagram of an infected cell depicting HRSV assembly at the plasma membrane. The boxed area represents the 1 μm z-stack shown in subsequent confocal microscope images. The nucleus is depicted as a blue circle. A549 cells infected with WT or glycoprotein deleted HRSV at a MOI of 0.2 were fixed, permeabilized, and incubated with an anti-N antibody and an anti-F antibody (b), an anti-G antibody (c), or an anti-SH antibody (d). The glycoprotein stains are shown in the left row (red), the N protein stains in the middle row (green), and a merge of the two stains in the right row. A blowup of the merge is also shown. Images were taken on a Zeiss confocal microscope. An average of fourteen cells were imaged per staining, and colocalization was measured using ImageJ JACoP plugin. Pearson’s coefficient ± standard error of mean is shown within the merge panels.