Table 2: Differential dependence of HIV and MLV infections on endosome acidification.

VirusesDependence of acidificationCell linesReference

Ecotropic MLVIndependentRat XC[49, 52]
DependentMouse NIH3T3, human TE671[49, 51, 52]

Amphotropic MLVIndependentMouse NIH3T3, rat XC[49, 52]
DependentMouse NIH3T3, human TE671[51, 52]

Polytropic MLVIndependentRat XC[52]
DependentMouse NIH3T3, human RE671, rat XC[52]

Xenotropic MLVIndependentHuman HT1080, HTX, porcine, rat XC[49, 50, 52, 53]
DependentMouse NIH3T3, human RE671[52]

CD4-dependent HIVIndependentHuman CEM, HeLa, C8166, VB[49, 8993]
IndependentHuman 293T, HeLa, TE671[21]

CD4-independent HIVDependentHuman 293T, HeLa, TE671[21]