Figure 1: Convergence of microvesicle and virus biogenesis. Viruses share effectors of microvesicle production for their assembly and release. Exosomes produced in the MVB and shed microvesicles budding of the plasma membrane are indicated by blue and yellow dots, respectively. Extrachromosomal herpesvirus genomes are indicated by circles, retroviral genomes by sea-gull wings, and retrotransposons by the Y drawing. Herpesviruses, retroviruses, and retrotransposons sharing exosome or shed microvesicle pathways are indicated by red, black, or Y-containing dots, respectively. Chimeric virus-like vesicles are exosomes or shed microvesicles containing viral or retrotransposon elements and are indicated in dual color. N: nucleus, G: Golgi apparatus, MVB: multivesicular body.