Table 4: Summary of miRs regulating DENV-induced inflammatory response and viral replicative activity.

miRNATargetCell lineRefs.

let-7e3′-UTR of IL-6Human peripheral blood mononuclear cells[73]
let-7cHO-1 protein and the transcription factor BACH1Huh-7 human hepatic cell line[68]
miR-252DENV envelope E proteinAedes albopictus C6/36 cell line[78]
miR-30eIkBα in DENV-permissive cells and IFN-β productionPeripheral blood mononuclear cells and U937 and HeLa cell lines[79]
miR-1503′-UTR of SOCS-1Peripheral blood mononuclear cells and monocytes[80]
miR-1223′-UTR of the DENV genome/mRNABHK-21, HepG2, and Huh-7 cell lines[81]
miR-1423′-UTR of the DENV genome/mRNAHuman dendritic cells and macrophages[82]
miR-133a3′-UTR of PTB; 3′-UTR of the DENV genome/mRNAMouse C2C12 cells and Vero cells[83, 84]
miR-5485′-UTR SLA (Stem Loop A) DENV U937 monocyte/macrophages[85]
miR-223Microtubule destabilizing protein stathmin 1 (STMN-1)EA.hy926 endothelial cell line[86]