Figure 2: A549 cells grown in a 60 mm culture dish and transfected with different PB1-F2 constructs and empty pcDNA3.1 plasmid as vector (mock) control. Forty-eight-hour after transfection, the cells were lysed and PB1-F2 expression was detected by (a) reverse transcriptase PCR and (b) immunoblotting using a monoclonal mouse anti-HIS antibody. PB1-F2 protein expression analyzed in this study is abbreviated as follows: A/chicken/India/WBNIV2653/2008(H5N1-WB); A/chicken/India/NIV9743/2007 (H5N1-M); A/chicken/India/WB-NIV1057231/2010 (H9N2); A/aquatic bird/India/NIV-17095/2007 (H11N1); and A/WSN/1933 (H1N1).