Bioinorganic Chemistry and Applications / 2014 / Article / Tab 3

Research Article

Removal of Cr(VI) from Aqueous Solutions Using Powder of Potato Peelings as a Low Cost Sorbent

Table 3

Comparison between the results of this work and other results found in the literature for the monolayer maximum adsorption capacity of Cr(VI) ions with various adsorbents.

Biosorbent (mg/g)Reference

Agave lechuguilla 33.55[18]
Brown seaweed0.629[20]
Maize husk28.49[2]
Maize bran312.52[3]
Potato peel waste8.012[4]
Psidium guajava leaves powder4.762[8]
Modified pomegranate peel13.01[9]
Formaldehyde modified pomegranate peel22.28[9]
Powder of mosambi fruit peel7.51[10]
Acacia nilotica leaf69.4[5]
Pine cone and oak cupsRanges from 4.19 to 7.48[6]
Pine leaves0.198[7]
Raw and modified palm branches55.0[21]
Dried biomass of cyanobacterium Oscillatoria   laetevirens 103.09[13]
Diatom Planothidium lanceolatum 93.45[14]
Biomass of Trichoderma  gamsii 44.8[15]
Dead biomass of green algae Spirogyra spp.265.0[22]
Tea fungus58.0[11]
Trametes versicolor Polyporus fungi125.0[12]
Potato peel powder3.28Present Study