Table 1: The cytokines secreted by MSCs that regulate HSCs.


CXCL12Regulate the adhesion, expansion, migration, and homing of HSCs[10, 11, 2832]
(SDF-1)Reduce the production of inflammatory cytokines and chemokines[33]

FLMaintain HSC proliferation and self-renewal, regulate hematopoietic growth[28]

IL-6, TPOInfluence HSC proliferation and differentiation[29, 34]

GM-CSFRegulate HSC engraftment[35]

SCFMaintain HSC proliferation and self-renewal
Regulate hematopoietic growth[28, 36]
Regulate HSC engraftment[35]

VCAM1, E-selectin, collagen I, fibronectinRegulate HSC homing and adhesion[35, 37]