Figure 1: Multiparametric flow cytometry analysis of representative control bone marrow. Multiparametric flow cytometry analysis of control bone marrow displaying major subsets of cells based on SSC, CD45 density, CD34 (not shown), and CD71 (not shown) (center panel). DNA content (DRAQ5) analysis is plotted versus number of cells or versus MPM2 signal intensity for each of the gated populations (large arrows). The lymphocyte population (orange) (high CD45, low SSC) (upper left) contains predominantly cells with G1 cell cycle phase DNA content and no mitoses. The stem cell (blue) (intermediate CD45 and SSC, CD34+) (lower left), myeloid (green) (intermediate CD45, high SSC) (upper right), and nucleated erythroid (red) (intermediate SSC, low CD45, CD71+, DRAQ V+) (lower right) populations contain cells with G0/G1, S, and G2/M DNA content, and cells that mark for mitosis (M) (elevated MPM2 signal in cells with G2/M DNA content).