Research Article

Adenoviral Delivery of the VEGF and BMP-6 Genes to Rat Mesenchymal Stem Cells Potentiates Osteogenesis

Figure 1

Expression of BMP-6 and VEGF in rMSCs. (a, b, and c): Microscopy of rMSCs infected with adenovirus containing genes viewed in dark field for GFP fluorescence (a), bright field by phase contrast (b), and overlapping dark and bright fields (c). (d) Concentration of growth factors (ng/mL) in medium of cells infected with Ad-VEGF+BMP-6 and cultured for 4 weeks. The concentration of hVEGF is maintained nearly constant, while the hBMP-6 peaks at 9 days and then decreases steadily. (e) The ratio of hBMP-6 to hVEGF produced by infected cells over a 28-day period in culture. The concentration of hVEGF is consistently greater than hBMP-6 at all time points. Regression analysis shows that the ratio diminishes by 0.017 per day after 9 days (2.5% per day).
(a) GFP
(b) Phase contrast
(c) Overlap