Figure 10: TEM from upper middle area of micromass cartilage at week 4 represents normal structure of chondrocytes in bioengineered cartilage (a–e). Panel (b) exhibits the higher magnification of panel (a). Chondrocytes appear to be metabolically active with extensive network of Golgi, well-developed rER, with euchromatic nucleus, usually with the presence of nucleolus, a number of secretory vesicles and coated vesicles, a number of lipid droplets, the presence of glycogen, a number of mitochondria, and the presence of lysosomes. Centriole is visible occasionally. Intercellular regions show the presence of collagen fibers and extracellular matrix. Nucleus is oval to irregular in shape (a, c–e). L: lipid droplet, eL: extracellular lipid droplet, M: mitochondrion, rER: rough endoplasmic reticulum, Ly: lysosome, G: Golgi network, V: vesicle, CV: coated vesicle, N: nucleus, Nu: nucleolus, Vac: vacuole, C: collagen fibers, and ECM: extracellular matrix.