Figure 2: Expression of hCT mRNA and protein in NIH3T3 cells. (a). Ig -hCT mRNA expression in NIH3T3 cells by RT-PCR. Lane M: marker; Lane 1: RT-PCR products from pCDNA3.0-Ig -hCT-transfected NIH3T3 cells; Lane 2: RT-PCR product from pCDNA3.0-transfected cells (negative control); Lane 3: RT-PCR product from nontransfected cells. (b), Immunohistological staining of hCT protein in pCDNA3.0-Ig -hCT-transfected (b1), nontransfected (b2) and pCDNA3.0-transfected NIH3T3 cells (b3). All magnification 200. (c). Western blotting showing hCT protein was detected in pCDNA3.0-Igk-hCT-transfected cells (lanes 1–4), but not in pcDNA3.0 transfected cells (lane 5).