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TIS11 Family Proteins and Their Roles in Posttranscriptional Gene Regulation

Table 1

Human TIS11 family members and reported mRNA targets of the TIS11 family.

GeneAlternative namesChromosomal locationReported mRNA targetsreferencemechanism

TIS11ZFP36, TTP, Nup475, GOS2419q13.1TNF * [8]mRNA stability
GM-CSF[15]mRNA stability
IL-3[16]mRNA stability
IL-6[17]mRNA stability
cyclooxygenase[18]mRNA stability
PAI type 2[19]mRNA stability
Pitx2[20]mRNA stability
TIS11[14]mRNA stability
IL-2[21]mRNA stability
1,4galactosyltransferase[22]mRNA stability
Ccl2[24]mRNA stability
Ccl3[24]mRNA stability
c-myc[25]mRNA stability
cyclin D1[25]mRNA stability
Fos[26]mRNA stability
Ier3[27]mRNA stability
Genome analysis 250 mRNAs[27]mRNA stability
p21[26]mRNA stability
E47[28]mRNA stability
VEGF[29]mRNA stability
IL-10[30]mRNA stability
Genome analysis 137 mRNAs[30]mRNA stability
polo-like kinase 3[31]mRNA stability

TIS11b ZFP36L1, Berg36, ERF-1, BRF-114q22-24TNF[32]mRNA stability
GMCSF[33]mRNA stability
IL-3[34]mRNA stability
VEGF[35]mRNA stability
c-IAP2[36]mRNA stability
STAR[38]mRNA stability

TIS11d ZFP36L2, ERF-2, BRF-22p22.3-p21TNF[32]mRNA stability
GM-CSF[33]mRNA stability
IL-3[33]mRNA stability

*Targets in bold confirmed in cells derived from knockout animals are so-called “physiological" targets.