Research Article

Optimization of the Fermentation Process of Actinomycete Strain Hhs.015T

Table 5

Experiment design and results of the optimization of strain Hhs.01 fermentation conditions using Response Surface Methodology.

RunsObserved ValuPredicted ValueResidual
(mm) (mm)

Note: xperiments 2, 4, 6, 8, 17 were five replications in the central point. bserved value was the diameter of zones of inhibition; Candida vulgaris as the target microbe on PDA medium in 20-cm-diameter Petri dish was inoculated 24 hours at . One dish: one replication, the data in the table were the average of three replications. = pH; = Medium volume; = Rotary speed; = Temperature; = Inoculation volume.