Figure 6: Effect of the ATF on endogenous HMOX1 expression. Quantitative real-time RT-PCR was performed; the candidate vectors were pcDNA3.1-AZP-p65-flag (AZP-p65), pcDNA3.1-NLS- AZP-p65-flag (NLS-AZP-p65), PUC57-AZP (AZP), pcDNA3.1-NLS-eGFP-p65-flag (p65), and pcDNA3.1-NLS- a z p -p65-flag (NLS- a z p -p65). For each of them, four dose gradients (0.5  𝜇 g, 1.0  𝜇 g, 1.5  𝜇 g, and 2.0  𝜇 g) were used. The data represent the means ± S.D.