Table 3: Vaccine web resources.

Resource nameWebsite URLComment

Vaccines and Immunization
 WHO Immunization/vaccines vaccine site
 Immunization Action Coalition Information for Healthcare Professionals
 USA CDC Vaccine Information Statements and risks of vaccines
 USA CDC listed vaccines used in USA
 US FDA licensed vaccine information vaccines used in USA
 Canada licensed vaccine information
 DH Immunization at UK UK vaccination site
 PATH Vaccine Resource Library of vaccine resources
 NNii: National Network for Immunization Information valid information
 GAVI Alliance (Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunisation) save children’s lives

Vaccine Clinical Trials
 Nonhuman primate HIV/SIV vaccine trials database studies of HIV/SIV using nonhuman primates
 AIDS vaccine trials database vaccine clinical trials
 Clinical trials database (USA NIH) or other trials

Vaccine Safety
 WHO Immunization Safety vaccination safety site
 VAERS: Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (USA FDA & CDC) vaccine adverse event reporting website
 USA CDC-Vaccine Safety official vaccine safety site
 The Brighton Collaboration standards in vaccine safety

Vaccine Research Database
 VIOLIN vaccine data

Vaccine Manufacturers
 EVM: European Vaccine Manufacturers of European vaccine companies
 List of vaccine manufactures in Vaccine Ontology