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Molecular Modulation of Intestinal Epithelial Barrier: Contribution of Microbiota

Figure 5

A depiction of the intestinal epithelial barrier. The intestinal epithelial barrier consists of a rapidly renewing epithelial cell population, derived from stem cells in the bases of intestinal crypts, that differentiates into other epithelial cell types (Paneth cells, goblet cells, enteroendocrine cells, enterocytes, intra-epithelial lymphocytes, and M cells). These cells, as they are produced in the crypts, migrate to the tips of the villi over approximately 3 to 5 days. This process of repair and restitution can be influenced by cellular signaling pathways initiated by the intestinal microbiota. (Modified from Sharma R, Young C, Mshvildadze M, Neu J. Intestinal Microbiota Does It Play a Role in Diseases of the Neonate? NeoReviews Vol.10 No.4 2009 e166, with permission).