Figure 6: Comparison of the relative (normalized to GAPDH and to calibrator sample) expressions of CPM (a), DPPIV (b), and Cygb (c) under basal conditions and after GO-induced oxidative stress (1 IU/mL) in cell cultures originating from two different kidney specimens, one showing EPO-induced anti-oxidative effects and one without any effect of EPO on oxidative stress. Preconditioning the cells with EPO resulted in a significant upregulation of CPM and DPPIV, mRNA. GO-induced oxidative stress further increased CPM, DPPIV and Cygb mRNA expressions with maximum levels 60 minutes after induction of oxidative stress. Remarkably, the cell culture in which epoetin delta was not able to induce a protective effect against oxidative stress was also not able to induce upregulation of those mRNA’s. Data are presented as the mean ± SD of triplicate determinations representative of 2 separate runs (i.e., 6 values each). * 𝑃 < . 0 5 versus no GO, ° 𝑃 < . 0 5 versus epoetin delta 0 IU/mL.