Research Article

Extracorporeal Immunoglobulin Elimination for the Treatment of Severe Myasthenia Gravis

Table 1

Basic clinical data. Number of myasthenic crises experienced requiring artificial ventilation: + = 1-2, ++ = 2–5, +++ = more than 5. IA = immunotherapy, Mes: Mestinon, M: Medrol, P: Prednison, CC: CellCept, Pr: Prograf.

Patient no.Classification (MGFA)AgeSexMyasthen. crisesTherapy durationCurrent conditionCurrent therapy

1III b35F++13Excellent, IA therapy stoppedMes
2IV b33F+13Stabilization, IA therapy stoppedMes
3IV b65F+++96StabilizationMes, M, CC, IVIG
4IV b28F+++76StabilizationMes, P, Pr
5III b53F+79StabilizationMes, P, CC, IVIG
6IV b60F++62StabilizationMes, P, CC