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Proteomic Studies of Cholangiocarcinoma and Hepatocellular Carcinoma Cell Secretomes

Table 1

Medical diagnosis of cholangiocarcinoma patients with tumor types and histopathology.

Sample IDGenderAgeTumor typeStagingHistopathology

1F62Peripheral, Single, Seg 74BWell differentiated adenocarcinoma, CCA, invade intrahepatic vein
2F67Combined, Single, Seg 7, Hilar, long4AWell differentiated tubular type, CCA
3M64Peripheral, Single, Seg 84BWell differentiated tubular type, CCA
4M43Peripheral, Single, Seg 64BModerately diff adenocarcinoma invade intrahepatic vessel
5M65Peripheral, Multiple, Seg 1-24AModerately diff, CCA
6M46Peripheral, Single, Seg 64AModerately diff adenocarcinoma invade intrahepatic vein
7M39Peripheral, Single, Seg 64BModerately diff, CCA
8F56Peripheral, Single, Seg 64BPoorly diff CCA, invade intrahepatic vein
9M67Combined, Single, Seg 8, Hilar4APoorly diff adenocarcinoma
10M53Central, Hilar, long3Papillary mucinous carcinoma
11F35Peripheral, Single4BPapillary mucinous cyst adenocarcinoma
12M49Peripheral, Multiple, Seg 2-44APapillary mucinous carcinoma