Figure 1: Opposite mechanisms in the glucose regulation in the LPGs from procyclic and metacyclic L. chagasi (syn. L. infantum) and L. braziliensis [9, 10]. The structure of the glycan core is Gal( 𝛼 1,6)Gal( 𝛼 1,3) G a l f ( 𝛼 1,3)[Glc( 𝛼 1-PO4)-6]-Man( 𝛼 1,3)Man( 𝛼 1,4)GlcN( 𝛼 1,6) linked to 1-O-alkyl-2-lyso-phosphatidylinositol anchor. The repeat units are 6-Gal( 𝛽 1,4)Man( 𝛼 1)-PO4.