Research Article

The Vacuolar-Type -ATPase in Ovine Rumen Epithelium is Regulated by Metabolic Signals

Figure 3

Effect of the v H + -ATPase inhibitor foliomycin before and after metabolic inhibition (MI) induced by glucose replacement with 2-DOG and application of antimycin A on p H i of ruminal epithelial cells (REC). Foliomycin was added to REC suspended in either HEPES-buffered H C O 3 − -free Na-medium containing 5 mM glucose (control; 𝑛 = 6) or in glucose-free media with 2-DOG and antimycin A ( 𝑛 = 7). A: The figure shows original traces from one experiment. B: To summarize the foliomycin effects, the mean p H i reduction from the p H i measured in respective control medium without inhibitor has been calculated and is shown for both conditions. Values are means ± SE; ∗ 𝑃 < . 0 5 versus control.