Figure 3: (a) Anti-Env specific CTL activity in mice immunized with IDLV-JRmZ, IDLV-Empty, DNA-JRmZ, and DNA-Empty or in naive mice (four mice/group). Results from one representative experiment out of three independent experiments are shown. 51Cr-release assay was performed after 4 days in vitro culture, as described in Section 2. The percentage of specific lysis is shown at three different E  :  T ratios: 40  :  1, 20  :  1, and 10  :  1. (b) Anti-HIV-Env IgG antibodies measured by ELISA in sera of mice at 90 days after immunization. Sera samples from the immunized mice were analyzed separately. Line represents the geometric median value in the IDLV-JRmZ group.