Table 1: Natural and synthetic chemicals affecting Leydig cell function.

ChemicalProposed targetApplication or source

ProcymidoneAndrogen receptor antagonistFungicide, control of plant diseases
LinuronAndrogen receptor antagonistHerbicide, postemergence control of weeds in crops
VinclozolinAndrogen receptor antagonistFungicide
p, p DDTAndrogen receptor antagonistPesticide
DioxinsAryl hydrocarbon receptor agonistBy-product of chlorinated hydrocarbons
PhthalatesPeroxisome proliferator-activated receptors (PPARs)?Plasticizers
GenisteinERs stimulatorSoy-derived food
ResveratrolERs stimulatorRed wine, red grape
Bisphenol AERs stimulatorSynthesis of polycarbonate plastics

Corresponding references are present in the text.