Table 1: Summary of findings in TLR/MyD88 knockout mice.

Mouse strainSusceptibilityPhenotypeReferences

MyD 8 8 / Highly susceptibleUncontrolled parasite growth; defective IL-12 production; delayed emergence of Th1 response[16, 17]
IC 𝐸 / Normal resistanceNormal[18]
TLR 1 1 / Intermediate resistanceHigher cyst burden; mice are resistant to ileitis during enteric infection[19, 20]
TLR 2 / Intermediate resistanceMice are susceptible under high infectious dose conditions[21]
TLR 4 / UnclearAbsence of TLR4 confers resistance to gut pathology; absence of TLR4 results in increased susceptibility to peroral infection[22, 23]
TLR 2 𝑥 4 / Intermediate resistanceHigher cyst burden in the absence of TLR4 and TLR2; decreased intestinal pathology during enteric infection[20, 24]
TLR 9 / Intermediate resistanceDeceased gut pathology; increased parasite burden[25]