Research Article

A New MAP Kinase Protein Involved in Estradiol-Stimulated Reproduction of the Helminth Parasite Taenia crassiceps

Figure 3

ERK-like protein detection in Taenia crassiceps. Total ERK-like protein in T. crassiceps was not modified by 17 𝛽 -estradiol or ERK inhibitor treatments (a), contrary to that observed in ERK-like gene expression. Nevertheless, 17 𝛽 -estradiol specifically induced phosphorylation of ERK-like by four-fold respect to control groups (b). Optical densitometry was performed on 10% acrylamide gel from six independent experiments. Control = Parasites treated with the vehicle where hormone and inhibitors were dissolved; ∗ ∗ 𝑃 < . 0 5 .