Research Article

A New MAP Kinase Protein Involved in Estradiol-Stimulated Reproduction of the Helminth Parasite Taenia crassiceps

Figure 5

ERK-like location in Taenia crassiceps by immunocytochemistry. (a) Transversal section of one T. crassiceps cysticercus where tegument, subtegument, and cells are observed with no staining. (b) Parasite cross-section incubated with FITC-conjugated goat anti-rabbit antibody, as staining control. Nonreacting cells are shown in red at 10 × and 40 × . Unspecific detection of ERK-like was not observed during our experiments. (c) Specific detection of ERK-like (green fluorescent) was located in parasite cells mainly disposed along subtegument tissue, 40 × . (d) A magnification of 100 × shows in detail the T. crassiceps cells expressing ERK-like exclusively on subtegument tissue. T = Tegument tissue; St = Subtegument tissue.