Figure 1: Gelsolin expression in choroid plexus epithelial cells. (a) Antimegalin immunoprecipitation of rat choroid plexus cell extracts, followed by blotting with respective antibodies, revealed an association between megalin, endogenous gelsolin, the exogenously added secreted gelsolin form, and the exogenously added A 𝛽 . Immunoprecipitation with nonspecific serum showed no unspecific A 𝛽 association. Binding of gelsolin with exogenously added A 𝛽 was also observed. Representative blots are shown ( 𝑛 = 4 ). (b) Megalin colocalized with gelsolin and exogenously added A 𝛽 in choroid plexus cultures. Confocal images also show gelsolin colocalization with A 𝛽 . S c a l e b a r s = 1 0 𝜇 m. IP: Immunoprecipitation; NRS: normal rabbit serum.