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Beyond Histone and Deacetylase: An Overview of Cytoplasmic Histone Deacetylases and Their Nonhistone Substrates

Table 2

Subcellular localization and functions of nonhistone substrates of HDAC4 and HDAC7.

Histone deacetylasesSubstratesLocalization of substratesFunctionsComments

HDAC4p53NucleusIncreases repressional activity of p53Under DNA damage conditions

Runx2NucleusPromotes Smurf-mediated degradation of Runx2

MLPCytoplasmRegulation of muscle contraction in cardiac mechanical stretch

HIF1αCytoplasmCytoplasmic retention to maintain neuronal survival

DNAJB8CytoplasmSuppression of cytotoxic protein aggregation

HDAC7HIF1αNucleusCorepressor for HIF1αDeacetylation is not confirmed for this interaction