Figure 8: Average maximal muscle force of the SM muscle in different experimental conditions. (a) Shows maximal muscle force recorded from the operated SM muscles with immediate nerve repair after nerve transection (Imm EEA), with 1-month delay nerve repair (1-mon EEA) and with 3-month delay nerve repair (3-mon EEA). Data were normalized through dividing the maximal muscle force from the operated SM muscle by the maximal muscle force from the control SM muscle. Maximal muscle force produced by nerve stimulation is shown at the left side of the graph and by direct muscle stimulation at the right side of the graph. (b) Illustrates a comparison between the maximal muscle force evoked through nerve stimulation and through direct muscle stimulation of the control muscle (the intact muscle on the contralateral side). Muscle force (average from all three EEA groups) is presented as a percentage of maximal muscle force produced by nerve stimulation.