Table 2: Cardiac functional parameters. Fractional shortening (FS) determined by echocardiography and cine magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), fractional area change (FAC) determined by cine magnetic resonance imaging. Values shown as mean percentage ± standard deviation before (preop), 24 h and 1 week after ischemia/reperfusion procedure for mice with no ischemia (sham), 30 min or 60 min of ischemia during procedure. Troponin T levels (ng/ml) are shown for each group. *Significant difference to sham-operated mice; Significant difference to 60 min operated mice; all .

0 min = sham30 min60 min

FS echo preop (%)
FS MRI preop (%)
FAC preop (%)
FS echo 24 h (%)
FS MRI 24 h (%)
FAC 24 h (%)
FS echo 1 W (%)
FS MRI 1 W (%)
FAC 1 W (%)
Troponin T (ng/ml)