Research Article

Equal Force Recovery in Dysferlin-Deficient and Wild-Type Muscles Following Saponin Exposure

Figure 4

Tetanic force recovery in WT and C57BL/6J- /NaJ EDL and soleus muscles following saponin exposure. (a) Representative tetanic force measurement in a WT EDL muscle before saponin exposure. (b) Representative tension trace during saponin (50 μg/mL) exposure at room temperature (RT). (c) Representative tetanic force measurements within one hour after saponin washout at RT. Double slash: 10 min. (d) Quantitative analysis of the muscle force recovery in EDL muscles of WT and dysferlin-deficient mice at RT. (e) Tetanic force recovery in soleus muscles and EDL muscles (N = 10 and 13 for EDL and soleus, resp.) after saponin (50 μg/mL) exposure at room temperature. Note: we pooled the WT and mutant muscle data in panel (e) since there was no significant difference between the two groups (see Tables 1-2).