Figure 1: Imaging of the process of getting single cells from T. solium, T. crassiceps, and T. spiralis after mechanical disaggregation. (a) T. solium cysticerci (first picture), pieces of T. solium after disgregation (middle picture), and T. solium isolated cells (third picture of panel (a)). In (b) T. crassiceps (first picture), pieces of T. crassiceps after disaggregation (middle picture), and T. crassiceps isolated cells (third picture of panel (b)) and (c) Trichinella spiralis (first picture), pieces of T. spiralis after disaggregation (middle picture) and T. spiralis isolated cells (third picture of panel (c)). Pictures were taken using an inverted microscope (Olympus, MO21, Tokyo) at 10x and 100x magnification.