Table 1: Phenotypes observed in mice and Pirb transgenic (tg) mice.

MiceCells Phenotypes References

Pirb -/-B-2 cellsEnhanced proliferation upon BCR stimulation[10]
B-1 cellsEnhanced proliferation and autoantibody production upon CpG stimulation[11]
DCsImpaired maturation[10]
Exacerbated graft-versus-host disease[12]
CD8+ T cellsAugmented activation[13]
Mast cellsAugmented anaphylaxis[14]
MacrophagesAugmented cytokine and chemokine signaling[15]
NeutrophilsAugmented integrin signaling[16]
EosinophilsEnhanced recruitment in Th2 response[17]
Macrophages Sensitive to Salmonella infection[18]
MacrophagesReduced binding of Staphylococcus aureus [19]
Neuronal cellsEnhanced plasticity of visual nerve connections[20]
Enhanced neurite outgrowth[21]
Pirb tgThymocytesNormal development[22]
Mature T cellsImpaired Th1 response[22]

Cells involved mainly in the observed phenotype.
Major phenotypes observed.
Unidentified, though involving macrophages.