Table 1: Summary of BAC transgene models used to test for autonomous imprinting.

Gene (s)SizeImprinting (Lines imprinting/lines tested)Expression in embryoReference

Nnat270 kb BAC1/1Full [1]
Nnat95 kb BAC2/3Partial (lacking neural enhancers) [1]
Cdkn1c260 kb BAC0/2Full (Cdkn1c) [2]
Cdkn1c85 kb BAC0/4Partial [2]
Peg3/Zim1120 kb BAC1/3(Peg3 only)Neural expression of Peg3 but fails to rescue Peg3-deficiency[3]
Gtl2178 kb BAC2/2Partial[4]
ZAC1/HYMAI175 kb PAC2/2Full expression by in situ [5]
Necdin and Magel 109  BAC0/1Partial (Necdin) [6]
Igf2r170 kb BAC4/4Full[7]
Dlk1/Gtl270 kb BAC0/3Full (Dlk1) [8]