Table 1: Comparison of advantages among experimental cholesteatoma models.

Purpose of analysisSpecieSurgeryPercentage of cholesteatoma occurrenceAdvantage

(1) Ligation of the external ear canalEpithelial migration theoryMongolian gerbilEasyHighEasy to handle
(2) Eustachian tube blockingRetraction pocket theoryMongolian gerbilSlightly difficultModerateUseful for analysis of inflammatory mediators
(3) Chemical injection into the middle earCholesteatomatous chronic otitis mediaChinchilla Guinea-pig RatEasyHighUseful for administering study
(4) Biological material injection into the middle earImmigration theoryMongolian gerbil Guinea-pig RatSlightly difficultModerateUseful for analysis of immigratrion theory
(5) Autologous dermal implantationBone destructionMouseSlightly difficultHighUseful for investigate pathological mechanism of bone destruction
(6) Local hybrid ear modelOrigin of the epithelial cells of cholesteatomaMongolian gerbilDifficultHighCan demonstrate the origin of the cells of cholesteatoma correctly