Table 1: Characteristics of the diabetic (DM) and thymectomized non-diabetic (non-DM) BBDP rats that were stented and evaluated for the development of in-stent restenosis.

Diabetes onset
(median in days)
Age at stenting
(median in days)
Diabetes duration at stenting
(median in days)
Serum creatininea
(mean ± SEM in μmol/L)

Non-DM BBDP64/2N.A.b298 [270–412]cN.A.b51 ± 7
DM BBDP73/482 [72–140]c270 [270–290]c198 [150–204]c56 ± 9

aSerum creatinine levels were determined 2 weeks prior to stenting.
bN.A.: not applicable.
cValues between brackets indicate minimum and maximum values.